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Swagbucks October 25, 2009

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Unfinished Mom posted a comment on here earlier this week, and so I hopped over to her blog to read her Works for Me Wednesday post.  Here is what I found. It’s a great little tutorial/rundown on Swagbucks. I had heard of swagbucks and had even signed up for an account, but I just had not done anything with it. This was a great reminder for me, and even informative since I had been living under a rock and did not know there was a tool bar you could download. That is just my style!


Fight the Frump Friday-This is A True Story October 23, 2009


Have you heard about the Fight the Frump Friday carnival over at Blissfully Domestic, led by Jenny at Mommin It Up? Well, I am really the last person in the world who has any advice whatsoever about fighting the frump…in fact, I am the frump.  However, I have been trying to fight it for a few months now….after all, Harper is 9 months old so I no longer have the whole I’ve had 3 children in 4 years and the youngest is a newborn right now excuse. So I thought, Ok, I can write something…and I felt pretty inspired with all the talk about Mary Kay products because I love their products, used to sell them, and now my sis in law sells them (here is a shameless plug for her). The story you are about to read is true, and I wish that I was about to exaggerate or embellish it just a little, but I’m not.

Several months ago my best friend took me shopping when I was visiting her in Michigan.  She helped me pick out a HUGE pile of trendy clothes, we took pics of outfits I could wear, including new “casual” wear outfits so I would look good even when I was lounging around the house.  She strictly instructed me to stop wearing my husband’s shorts and t-shirts around the house! I LOVE my new clothes and have been really inspired MOST of the time to wear nice clothes, add some accessories like some earrings, and do my makeup. I even started taking care of my skin again.

Fastforward to this week, here is what has been going on.  Hubby left for TEXAS for a 5-day conference on Wednesday.  I have had big plans of cleaning out our laundry/storage room, guest bathroom, and guest bedroom in the evenings while he was gone so my appearance hasn’t been high on my priority list.  Wednesday went fine, I was dressed decently, probably just had some mascara on.  Yesterday (Thursday), I wore my pajamas all day.  I did shower, but applied no makeup, moisturizer, or hair product. So, I looked pretty crummy.  Harper proceeded to develop a horrid stomach bug yesterday so I seriously changed probably 20 dirty diapers of diarrhea, so not a bad excuse to look “frumpy.”  By the time 6am this morning rolled around, I was pretty darn tired, so I started off the day in the same clothes as I had on yesterday and did not have much of a plan to change out of those clothes.  As the morning wore on, and Harper’s diarrhea seemed to have lessened, I still felt gross and very very tired.  I hopped on the internet to read some of my favorite blogs and saw the Fight the Frump posts.

Another hour or so went by, and I decided that maybe I shouldn’t be the poster woman for frumpiness.  My tip for fighting the frump that I wanted to share with the blogging world was to get yourself showered, dressed, and made up because it will make you feel better about yourself and probably give you more energy. So I was going to instruct all those mommies out there to get dressed, accessorize, and apply some makeup EVEN if you are not going to see anyone but your children that day.  My hubby is still in Texas, but I decided I would feel a lot better if I followed the above advice.  Around 11am I looked pretty darn good. I had a new, super cute top on, my make up done, hair combed, and even some funky earrings on. I really did feel better, I had more energy, I stopped sulking about the fact that my hubby is in Texas, and I went on with my day in a much better mood for my children!

At precisely 1pm, Harper was playing so sweetly at his little activity table, and he was super proud that he was standing at it!  Then he fell….and bumped his head….and started to cry.  The tears and snot fest ensued for awhile, and he started to calm down. I was holding him and getting ready to take a bite of my lunch. Just trying to keep him happy for a couple of minutes so I could scarf down a Healthy Choice meal before putting him down for a nap.  Without any warning whatsoever Harper vomited ALL OVER my shirt, then again all over my neck, then projectile vomited all over the kitchen floor. It seriously just kept spewing out of him, as if we were in some kind of SAHM Horror Flick.  I did what every good mother does in this situation and completely froze for a good 30 seconds, trying to process what had just happened to me.  There was so much vomit that it soaked through my cute shirt, and when I took it off I had chunks of vomit on my bra, and my skin was soaked.

I will spare you the rest of the cleanup details. However, while I may have looked good for a solid 2 hours, I am back in a cruddy t-shirt, and trying to laugh about Harper’s not so subtle reminder to me as to why there are days when I simply do not “fight the frump.”


We had one of those days October 21, 2009

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A couple of days ago we had “one of those days”.  It wasn’t any one bad thing in particular, but it was just a variety of random occurrences that happened all on one day…the kind that make you feel glad when you finally crawl into bed for the night.

That morning, I had my first experience of leaving a child behind, so to speak.  I have feared this moment since Harper was born. Oftentimes I take a panicky glance in my rearview mirror when we are halfway to our destination just to be sure I did in fact put Harper’s carseat into the car, and that the other 2 are both in the back seat.  Well, that morning, upon arriving home from picking up Lucas at preschool, I pulled into the driveway and turned off the car. It was a 2 trips to the door type of arrival. I carried bags, McDonalds, purse, keys into the house first.  Then I came back out and began my favorite task of all (NOT)–getting everyone out of their carseats and headed toward the house.  I got everyone in (or so I thought) and shut the front door. I put Harper into his highchair and got Lucas settled in at the table with his lunch. I put Avery’s lunch on the table and then called him to the table, assuming he was off playing superheroes or some other such thing.  He did not come. I asked Lucas where his brother was, really how far could he be…down the hall?!?!  Lucas said he had no idea where Avery was.  I quickly realized that perhaps Avery had not followed us into the house afterall so I hurriedly opened the front door to find Avery standing on the step about to burst into tears.  Poor thing! All was well though, he wasn’t in the street or out wandering the neighborhood. Still, I felt terrible!

Not but a couple of hours later I was changing Harper’s diaper and realized he had been wearing the same pair of socks for 2 days straight. I know *GASP*.  He is a third child afterall.  I took them  off, knowing that they were a little snug so that must feel good to get those off those chubby ankles.  Underneath those socks though was a horrendous red line going across his ankles.  Those socks were obviously WAY tighter on him than I had realized.  Crazy that he never acted uncomfortable.  We are talking a serious red line on both feet….as in the circulation had to have been close to being compromised.  In fact, 3 days later he still has a mark across his ankles. It is fortunately improving. However, I feel AWFUL.

By around 10pm that night I thought I was finally home free.  No other “bad’ things could happen.  Right before bed I came back out to the kitchen to do something random like get a drink of milk or something. I took one step out of my bedroom and was greeted with the HORRIBLE smell! I asked my husband what it was and he said he thought it was whatever it was I was cooking overnight in the crockpots. I said no, my cooking is better than that! Still, I wondered if one of the crockpots was burning or broken or something, but they both checked out fine. The smell was clearly coming from the kitchen.  I sniffed around for awhile and narrowed it down to the dishwasher. I opened it up and was greeted with all sorts of steam and stink!  At the bottom of the dishwasher, lying directly on the heat element was a lid to my husband’s cheapo pharmaceutical company freebie coffee mug.  Just burning away…mmmmm the smell of burnt rubber and plastic.  So, when I finally was able to climb into bed for the night, I had the pleasure of being lulled to sleep by a lovely stench. Thank goodness that day is over!


Works For Me Wednesday-Freezer Cooking October 20, 2009

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Works for me WednesdayOk, I don’t really know if this is going to work for me, but I have VERY high hopes.  It seems like tons of people are blogging about cooking up a bunch of meals and freezing them. I have also had a couple of friends here recommend this method of cooking to curb the madness that is usually dinner time.  Well, after many weeks of listening to Harper whining and crying during his fussy time of day that happens to fall smack when I am trying to cook dinner, or throwing my hands up in defeat and going out to eat or ordering pizza, I am going to give this whole freezer meal thing a whirl.  Now, you might be wondering why exactly am I choosing to try this the day my husband leaves for Texas for a 5 day conference.  Well, I can tell you that I am wondering the EXACT SAME THING. At any rate, I am still going to give it a go.  Click around on cyberspace and you will find a million articles and posts about this topic, as well as a TON of recipes. Here is a glimpse of my ambitious list of meals:

Country Style Pork Ribs
Tarragon Chicken
Chicken and Biscuits
Chicken Tetrazzini
Baked Ziti
Pork Roast
BBQ Pork Sandwiches (can you tell pork was on sale)
Rice Crispy Chicken
Taco Meat
Garlic Mashed Potatoes

I really hope this ends up being as amazing as people have told me. i can really see how this could make my life easier. Spend a couple days slaving in the kitchen and a month just pulling stuff out of the freezer to thaw and heat/bake! I’ll report how it goes! For more works for me wednesday go here.



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Yikes, it’s been almost a week since I last posted something on here.  How annoying! My apologies to my loyal readers, all 5 of you! 🙂

I have no good excuse for letting my blog get so out of date, yet again, but I know it is annoying. I get annoyed when I am surfing around on my favorite blogs early in the morning or during naptime, and I can’t find new reading material. 🙂

So whats been going on? Not a whole lot. Little Harper is sick with a cold so that has been eating away at my energy, patience, and sleep! Also, we have been preparing for hubby to be gone for 5 days at a conference in Texas.  Not sure how we will all survive, but hopefully we will.

Today, a wonderful thing happened. I have been dreading today for several weeks. It is the day that had written on the calendar “9:20am Boys Flu mists/shots”.  Yes, I for some unknown reason, scheduled all 3 boys to receive their flu vaccines today at the same time all at once.  Not a big deal probably if you have laid back children, but as I’ve mentioned before, my oldest is very SPIRITED.  I have had a knot in my stomach for 3 days thinking about hauling all 3 of them in for this blessed event.  God must have known.  At about 8:30am, my husband received a phone call that he did not have to be into work until noon.  GLORY HALLELUJAH.  He graciously helped me take the kiddos to the doctor and it made my day!  Especially since he got the pleasure of pinning Lucas down (to be expected) while he received a squirt of flu vaccine in each nostril.  Avery took it like a champ (to be expected) and reported that it did not hurt at all.  Harper took the poke as any 9 month old baby does and has enjoyed a nice 3 hour nap afterward.

So that’s my life in a nutshell for the past few days. How have you been?


WFMW–Taking a Break from Couponing and Deal Seeking October 14, 2009

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Works for me WednesdayI have mentioned before my quest to be even more frugal. I know that I’ve done a few things right over the years since we had 2 of our 3 boys during my husband’s medical school years and had #3 during residency.  However, I have always felt I have room for improvement!

At any rate, I have been working hard getting into couponing/sales matching/etc.  However, it is an overwhelming task…especially when you are not the most organized person in the world (ahem) despite your best efforts, and when things change in your day to day life like preschool starting and having to commit to being somewhere 3 days a week.

So, I started to get a little stressed about finding time to hit all the stores to get all the great deals, and getting REALLY upset when I couldn’t get out to take advantage of that deal.  When this became so stressful for me, I knew I needed to take a break. Not a break from trying to budget and watch our spending, but a break from trying to get the most and the best deals! It’s not worth it if you and everyone else is going C-R-A-Z-Y!!!!

Remember, there will always be another deal, another coupon, another day.  Yeah, maybe you will spend 3 cents more than if you had gotten to the store yesterday during the double coupon-dollar days-first annual-monthly sales day.  But, staying sane is probably more important. I am getting back in the saddle again after a 3 week hiatus from my deal seeking, and hopefully will maintain a little more perspective.  For more Works For Me Wednesday, go here.


Getting Ready For School Chart (Preschool Age) October 12, 2009

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We have been struggling A LOT with getting Lucas ready for school in the morning.  His preschool starts at 8AM (I know PAINFUL).  It is most difficult on the days when I have to load up all 3 kiddos to drive Lucas across town and drop him off.  On my lucky days, my hubby is able to take him, BUT when he takes him, he has to drop Lucas off about 15-20  minutes early (they have an extended care option).  So that makes the “getting ready for school” struggle even worse.  I have to wake Lucas 15 minutes earlier than usual, and get him MOVING so my hubby is not late for work. Long story short, most mornings involve a lot of whining on Lucas’ part, a lot of barking and yelling on my part, and a lot of foot stomping (on both of our parts).

I have been thinking and praying a lot about how to make our mornings more enjoyable and go much more smoothly.  I worked for a couple of hours last night making this guy:

preschoolgettingreadyforschoolchartThere are 5 envelopes, each with a piece in it for the steps that Lucas needs to do to get ready for school in the morning (in order).  This can be modified to your particular child’s needs.  For Lucas: his steps include eat breakfast, go potty, get dressed, brush teeth and hair and wash face, put on shoes.  When he finishes a step he puts the piece (attaches with velcro) on his chart.  Don’t ask me why I made the “Potty” step a choo choo train.  I didn’t really want to put a toilet on his chart, and I wanted it to be noticeable because this step usually involves the most whining (for whatever reason) from Lucas.  I figure he can go over some letters/spelling each morning and should know how to spell the word “potty” before the school year is over! ha!  Here is the chart all done:

preschoolgettingreadyforschoolchartalldoneLucas seems pretty pumped about this. My hope and theory is that he maintains an element of control with getting ready for school in the morning, he can go over and take each step out of the envelope and see for himself what he needs to do. I introduced it today, we’ll actually do the chart tomorrow.