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Things I Love Thursday-Family Fun Magazine November 19, 2009

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My mother in law recommended a magazine she saw in her doctor’s waiting room, so when my 4 year old’s school was doing magazine sales as a fundraiser this is what i picked to order.  Family Fun Magazine arrived in my mailbox last week and I read the whole thing in one sitting. I LOVED all of their ideas of activities and crafts to do with my kids, some fun recipes and food ideas to try, and even travel info/ideas. I was really impressed! I am usually the type to tear out articles or pages from magazines that I want to try or keep, but I found myself wanting to tear out every other page! I am anxiously awaiting the next issue, but until then I have plenty to keep me busy with my kids from this issue!

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Things I Love Thursday-No Time For Flashcards October 8, 2009

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tiltI previously mentioned this site.  No Time For Flashcards is full of ideas for your little ones….crafts, activities, books.  I LOVE that she puts photos up too since I’m pretty visual.  I frequently hop on her web site to get ideas for a craft or activity with my kids and they ALWAYS just love whatever it is that I pick out for us to do. I really enjoy that she is very seasonal too.  I also love that someone else has done the work of coming up with something for my kids to do, no need to re-invent the wheel! So, if you are looking for some creative and fun things to do with your kids, check it out. For more TILT, go to The Diaper Diaries.


Things I Love Thursday-Kenmore Progressive Upright Vacuum September 23, 2009

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tiltI am in love!  My old vacuum FINALLY bit the dust (I may have been secretly praying to the vacuum gods daily for this to happen).  It was the cheapest vacuum my husband and I could find at walmart when we got married almost 7 1/2 years ago.  It lived a good life, but I am grateful that it finally smoked its way out of existence.

Two days ago, after much research and deliberation we finally went to Sears and bought this baby:

progressiveI heart this vacuum.  It is awesome! Now I know there are plenty of other fancier and more expensive vacuums out there…but this is EXACTLY what *I* was looking for!!!! and a big step up from our cheapo vacuum!!!!  It has the inteliclean system so it tells you when the spot you are vacuuming is clean (I’ve yet to get the green light on most of my carpet–that’s how long its been since we vacuumed). But this thing is definitely powerful, has a great attachment set up, no belt to break, HEPA filter (the word hepa just makes me giddy), and even knows when you move it from carpet to hard floor.

I ALMOST enjoy vacuuming right now!!!

I have been in no way affiliated with Sears, provided anything by them, etc…I just really love my new vacuum. It is still sitting out in our living room so I can enjoy looking at this new member of our family. 🙂 For more TILT, go here.


Things I Love Thursday-The ZOO!!! July 24, 2009

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tiltThis past weekend was GORGEOUS here in hot mid-missouri.  so, sunday morning we got up and drove 2 hours to the zoo.  Oh my goodness did the boys have fun, and Harper was a trooper going along with the flow and even napping a bit in the stroller.  I absolutely love the zoo. I love the animals, I love the people, I love the food, I love the overpriced stuffed animals at the gift shop!  I love watching my kids love the zoo.  We have not been to one in over a  year because the town we moved to last year does not have its own zoo, something we are not used to!  Lucas has been to many a zoo, but Avery obviously does not remember the zoo he went to in his first year of life so his eyes were just as big as saucers the entire time on Sunday.  I loved watching him discover the animals.  It was also such a great activity to do as a family–to get away from the lawn, the dishes, the cleaning, the laundry, the tv, the toys, the bickering, the nap schedules, everything and just get outside, enjoy nature, and enjoy each other.  I cannot stress enough how great and how important that day was for all of us! So, head out to your nearest zoo, buy that funnel cake, and sit back for a sea lion show, a monkey feeding, or a tiger prowling. for more TILT, check out The Diaper Diaries.


Things I Love Thursday-Mary Kay Microdermabrasion July 9, 2009

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tiltUsually I neglect my skin care, completely.  Lately, however, I have been trying to take an extra 10 minutes each day to actually care for my skin…..maybe I am starting to get worried about all these little lines popping up, maybe it is because I am watching my husbands hair fall out every day….I don’t know, but for some reason I have been motivated to take care of my skin so I don’t look like I am 50 when I am in my 30s.  I am suddenly aware that I probably look much older than the picture I have of myself in my head!

At any rate, I’ve been washing, moisturizing, using eye cream, the whole works for a few days now. One thing I decided to give a try is Mary Kay’s Microdermabrasion.  I tried it on a whim, as I had a set hanging around from my unsold inventory from my days as a consultant.  I have used it a couple of times, and my skin already feels smoother!  I really like it!!!!  It still feels pretty gentle while getting the job done.

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Things I Love Thursday–Dramamine for Children July 3, 2009

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tiltWell, I haven’t posted all week, as I am trying to get over  this rotten cold!

However, I am FINALLY starting to feel better!  For today’s Things I Love Thursday, I thought I would share about my love for children’s dramamine.  Seriously, that has changed out lives.  I am not a big advocate of “drugging” up my kids for road trips.  And we go on MANY, long drives with our kids!

Unfortunately, though, Avery inherited my car sickness gene.  And on pretty much every trip we went on for the past year that was over 30 minutes long, he would be puking his guts out in his car seat.  It has led to some interesting adventures and roadside clean ups.  One of which involved us having to borrow a bucket and disinfectant from a St Louis Hardees…they took true pity on us and lined the bucket with a bag before filling it with water and disinfectant so we could get the car seat as cleaned up as possible.  During that same trip, Avery puked on his beloved blanky.  So, upon arriving at our hotel destination, I spent from 10pm until 1am washing and re-washing his blanky in the CRAPPY hotel washing machine….he “patiently” waited up the whole time.  Fastforward a few months and he puked 3 times in the first 2 hours of a 6 hour drive!  We were truly in despair!  He went through 3 outfits and stunk up the whole car.  On one of our roadside clean ups a cop even stopped to see what we were up to (he really was very friendly).    During that trip we had to find a walmart and buy more clothes, as I was out of clean ones.  While there, I purchased some children’s dramamine….seriously we were not goign to get to my parents house that night if this puking did not stop!  Boy did that dramamine do the trick!  No more puking, and knock on wood he has not puked on another trip since as long as we give him the dramamine.  Maybe I’m a bad parent for giving this to my kid, but it sure has made traveling a lot more comfortable and tolerable.  He really isn’t too out of it either (maybe a smidge drowsy but not too bad.)

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Things I Love Thursday-The Grocery Game June 25, 2009

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tiltI know others have blogged about this, but I finally checked out The Grocery Game for myself.  I am testing it out for a couple of months to see if I really notice a difference in my grocery bill.  I believe I am on week 3, and to my surprise, I actually do notice a difference.  I will preface this by saying that I spend an ungodly amount of money on groceries about every 2 weeks, partlly due to some dietary restrictions which require some more expensive purchases, but mostly due to my ignorance to how to shop for deals and combine with coupons, etc.  I have now become a regular reader to several frugal blogs, and this past week noticed about a 40% decrease in my grocery bill!  I am soooooooo excited. And the great thing is that we definitely are not starving.  So, I now LOVE The Grocery Game!  I think they are very reasonably priced, and have definitely gotten my money out of it so far.  For more Things I Love Thursday, go here. By the way, she is also hosting a great giveaway!