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Back to Life November 16, 2009

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I am ready to get back to Life!  I have been missing in action in all aspects of my life as I finished up items for an annual craft sale in Lowell, MI my friends and I participate in.  Long story short, I was going to be attending and am not now, so I had to get everything ready that I could and ship it up there.  After over 100 Christmas cards, 200 Christmas gift tags, burp cloths, and onesies, I am ready to close the door to my craft room for a couple of days!  I enjoyed making all of these things, but I am exhausted and need to catch up on the neglected areas of my life.

I think my kids are glad to have me back! We had fun today making these Indian Corn Crafts.  I have a variety of other fun things in my head to do with them, but that’s what we managed today. 🙂  Right now they are playing in their buckets of black beans digging for “bugs”. Gotta love boys!


Getting Ready For School Chart (Preschool Age) October 12, 2009

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We have been struggling A LOT with getting Lucas ready for school in the morning.  His preschool starts at 8AM (I know PAINFUL).  It is most difficult on the days when I have to load up all 3 kiddos to drive Lucas across town and drop him off.  On my lucky days, my hubby is able to take him, BUT when he takes him, he has to drop Lucas off about 15-20  minutes early (they have an extended care option).  So that makes the “getting ready for school” struggle even worse.  I have to wake Lucas 15 minutes earlier than usual, and get him MOVING so my hubby is not late for work. Long story short, most mornings involve a lot of whining on Lucas’ part, a lot of barking and yelling on my part, and a lot of foot stomping (on both of our parts).

I have been thinking and praying a lot about how to make our mornings more enjoyable and go much more smoothly.  I worked for a couple of hours last night making this guy:

preschoolgettingreadyforschoolchartThere are 5 envelopes, each with a piece in it for the steps that Lucas needs to do to get ready for school in the morning (in order).  This can be modified to your particular child’s needs.  For Lucas: his steps include eat breakfast, go potty, get dressed, brush teeth and hair and wash face, put on shoes.  When he finishes a step he puts the piece (attaches with velcro) on his chart.  Don’t ask me why I made the “Potty” step a choo choo train.  I didn’t really want to put a toilet on his chart, and I wanted it to be noticeable because this step usually involves the most whining (for whatever reason) from Lucas.  I figure he can go over some letters/spelling each morning and should know how to spell the word “potty” before the school year is over! ha!  Here is the chart all done:

preschoolgettingreadyforschoolchartalldoneLucas seems pretty pumped about this. My hope and theory is that he maintains an element of control with getting ready for school in the morning, he can go over and take each step out of the envelope and see for himself what he needs to do. I introduced it today, we’ll actually do the chart tomorrow.


Preschool Falling Leaves Alphabet

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I found this fun little activity for my preschoolers over here.  I went out to Michaels and found these fun little bags and the felt leaves.  I puffy painted my 4 year old and 2 year old’s names on their bags, and then made them a set of the foam leaf ABC’s and 123’s.  I then hid them around the house so they could have fun finding the leaves.  I figure they can keep these bags and my 2 year old can work on identifying his ABC’s and my 4 year old can work on letter identification, letter sounds, and even putting leaves together to spell simple words!



Things I Love Thursday-No Time For Flashcards October 8, 2009

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tiltI previously mentioned this site.  No Time For Flashcards is full of ideas for your little ones….crafts, activities, books.  I LOVE that she puts photos up too since I’m pretty visual.  I frequently hop on her web site to get ideas for a craft or activity with my kids and they ALWAYS just love whatever it is that I pick out for us to do. I really enjoy that she is very seasonal too.  I also love that someone else has done the work of coming up with something for my kids to do, no need to re-invent the wheel! So, if you are looking for some creative and fun things to do with your kids, check it out. For more TILT, go to The Diaper Diaries.


Keeping Busy October 6, 2009

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I have been slacking a little with keeping my spirited child busy…partly because of the demands of my now 8 month old….he is getting into everything and having tons of separation anxiety. Partly because I have been exhausted lately. And partly because I have been just plain lazy.  Lucas tends to do better when I keep him as busy as possible from task to task…probably because he doesnt’ have time to get bored and think of ways to annoy me or get into trouble!

Today, I thought I would start off just by spending a little time learning letters.  We’ll start with letter “A” since I know he is also covering that in school. I am stealing these ideas from No Time For Flashcards here (scroll down to her discovery box idea) and here. If you have never perused this web site and you have kids, you should definitely check it out. I steal tons of ideas for activities and crafts with my kids from this site!

wish me luck!