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Christmastime November 16, 2009

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This year I am especially struggling with trying to explain and focus on the true meaning of Christmas with my kids. I think partly because my 4 year old is coming up with a lot of questions and it is hard to figure out how to talk about some of this stuff to a 4 year old and 2 year old!  In addition, our family is just so blessed that it seems ridiculous to even consider getting my kids gifts for christmas. Of course, we were still at Toys R Us last night doing some shopping and having lots of fun plotting what our kids might like to receive. I’m still feeling quite disatisfied with the selection at the chain stores and have been doing a lot of online searching trying to find some good things to get that are worth the money for our kids. All of this is really beside the point…it is so easy to become consumed by the materialism that this season can bring on.  The gimmies are crazy in my kids right now as the toy catalogs keep showing up in the mail and newspaper.

One thing I hope to do before Christmas is to find some sort of charitable work that our family can do together. At our MOPS meeting last week, we had a speaker from the Columbia Voluntary Action Center. She was a truly inspiring speaker. She was very passionate about volunteer work, especially for families and children and I feel called to find something for my kids to do this year. It is so easy to say that we will start doing volunteer work when our kids are older, but how exactly is it easier to suddenly start trying to get my kids to do volunteer work in 8 years or so?  Why not start now?


Back to Life

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I am ready to get back to Life!  I have been missing in action in all aspects of my life as I finished up items for an annual craft sale in Lowell, MI my friends and I participate in.  Long story short, I was going to be attending and am not now, so I had to get everything ready that I could and ship it up there.  After over 100 Christmas cards, 200 Christmas gift tags, burp cloths, and onesies, I am ready to close the door to my craft room for a couple of days!  I enjoyed making all of these things, but I am exhausted and need to catch up on the neglected areas of my life.

I think my kids are glad to have me back! We had fun today making these Indian Corn Crafts.  I have a variety of other fun things in my head to do with them, but that’s what we managed today. 🙂  Right now they are playing in their buckets of black beans digging for “bugs”. Gotta love boys!


Stomach Bug Be Gone! November 2, 2009

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Harper came down with a stomach bug last week (you may have read about it in my fight the frump post). I thought he had gotten better, but that was a fluke semi-healthy day, and for the past week he has continued to have some sort of nasty stomach bug (luckily no one else in the fam has gotten it).  It has kept me busy.  Laundry, lots of diaper changes, nasty diaper rash, 3AM baths, and a whiny 9 month old, who also is not able to sleep. Yesterday, he finally seemed back to himself….including his appetite. He is voraciously hungry now! The time change, is of course, not sitting well with my already early riser, but we are working on that. I am just grateful that life can go back to some resemblance of “normal” again and I can start getting something done besides holding Harper all day.


Paralyzed By My To Do List October 26, 2009

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I made a to do list.   Is it really a “to do” list when it is like 3 pages long and you haven’t a clue where to start?  I think I am juggling way too many things!  I’ve got my stampin up classes that I need to complete my samples for so I can post them on my SU blog…I love doing this so I don’t really want to eliminate it! I have a variety of MOMS Club commitments that are coming up and I need to prepare for. I of course have all the typical household to do things like 65 loads of laundry, pretty sure my hubby has no more clean socks because when he opened his sock drawer this morning while I was still trying to steal a couple minutes of sleep, the drawer sounded really hollow.  I have stuff I WANT to do with my kids, like activities to keep them from driving me C-R-A-Z-Y!  Where to start? I think I am paralyzed. I am so overwhelmed I don’t even know what to tackle first. So, of course, I am tackling Blogs, Facebook, and Twitter first.


We had one of those days October 21, 2009

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A couple of days ago we had “one of those days”.  It wasn’t any one bad thing in particular, but it was just a variety of random occurrences that happened all on one day…the kind that make you feel glad when you finally crawl into bed for the night.

That morning, I had my first experience of leaving a child behind, so to speak.  I have feared this moment since Harper was born. Oftentimes I take a panicky glance in my rearview mirror when we are halfway to our destination just to be sure I did in fact put Harper’s carseat into the car, and that the other 2 are both in the back seat.  Well, that morning, upon arriving home from picking up Lucas at preschool, I pulled into the driveway and turned off the car. It was a 2 trips to the door type of arrival. I carried bags, McDonalds, purse, keys into the house first.  Then I came back out and began my favorite task of all (NOT)–getting everyone out of their carseats and headed toward the house.  I got everyone in (or so I thought) and shut the front door. I put Harper into his highchair and got Lucas settled in at the table with his lunch. I put Avery’s lunch on the table and then called him to the table, assuming he was off playing superheroes or some other such thing.  He did not come. I asked Lucas where his brother was, really how far could he be…down the hall?!?!  Lucas said he had no idea where Avery was.  I quickly realized that perhaps Avery had not followed us into the house afterall so I hurriedly opened the front door to find Avery standing on the step about to burst into tears.  Poor thing! All was well though, he wasn’t in the street or out wandering the neighborhood. Still, I felt terrible!

Not but a couple of hours later I was changing Harper’s diaper and realized he had been wearing the same pair of socks for 2 days straight. I know *GASP*.  He is a third child afterall.  I took them  off, knowing that they were a little snug so that must feel good to get those off those chubby ankles.  Underneath those socks though was a horrendous red line going across his ankles.  Those socks were obviously WAY tighter on him than I had realized.  Crazy that he never acted uncomfortable.  We are talking a serious red line on both feet….as in the circulation had to have been close to being compromised.  In fact, 3 days later he still has a mark across his ankles. It is fortunately improving. However, I feel AWFUL.

By around 10pm that night I thought I was finally home free.  No other “bad’ things could happen.  Right before bed I came back out to the kitchen to do something random like get a drink of milk or something. I took one step out of my bedroom and was greeted with the HORRIBLE smell! I asked my husband what it was and he said he thought it was whatever it was I was cooking overnight in the crockpots. I said no, my cooking is better than that! Still, I wondered if one of the crockpots was burning or broken or something, but they both checked out fine. The smell was clearly coming from the kitchen.  I sniffed around for awhile and narrowed it down to the dishwasher. I opened it up and was greeted with all sorts of steam and stink!  At the bottom of the dishwasher, lying directly on the heat element was a lid to my husband’s cheapo pharmaceutical company freebie coffee mug.  Just burning away…mmmmm the smell of burnt rubber and plastic.  So, when I finally was able to climb into bed for the night, I had the pleasure of being lulled to sleep by a lovely stench. Thank goodness that day is over!


Yikes! October 20, 2009

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Yikes, it’s been almost a week since I last posted something on here.  How annoying! My apologies to my loyal readers, all 5 of you! 🙂

I have no good excuse for letting my blog get so out of date, yet again, but I know it is annoying. I get annoyed when I am surfing around on my favorite blogs early in the morning or during naptime, and I can’t find new reading material. 🙂

So whats been going on? Not a whole lot. Little Harper is sick with a cold so that has been eating away at my energy, patience, and sleep! Also, we have been preparing for hubby to be gone for 5 days at a conference in Texas.  Not sure how we will all survive, but hopefully we will.

Today, a wonderful thing happened. I have been dreading today for several weeks. It is the day that had written on the calendar “9:20am Boys Flu mists/shots”.  Yes, I for some unknown reason, scheduled all 3 boys to receive their flu vaccines today at the same time all at once.  Not a big deal probably if you have laid back children, but as I’ve mentioned before, my oldest is very SPIRITED.  I have had a knot in my stomach for 3 days thinking about hauling all 3 of them in for this blessed event.  God must have known.  At about 8:30am, my husband received a phone call that he did not have to be into work until noon.  GLORY HALLELUJAH.  He graciously helped me take the kiddos to the doctor and it made my day!  Especially since he got the pleasure of pinning Lucas down (to be expected) while he received a squirt of flu vaccine in each nostril.  Avery took it like a champ (to be expected) and reported that it did not hurt at all.  Harper took the poke as any 9 month old baby does and has enjoyed a nice 3 hour nap afterward.

So that’s my life in a nutshell for the past few days. How have you been?