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Great web site for you crafty people October 25, 2009

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My wonderful friend, Emily, and her mom have started a new blog. If you are into cardmaking and paper crafting, you have to check this out. They are both so talented. I have had the pleasure if meeting Emily’s mom in person finally earlier this year, and have seen some of her work in person and it is just fabulous!!!!  Emily is one of the most talented and resourceful people I know…if I ever need an idea or need help with an idea, she is the one I ask first! Emily and I have known each other since our husband’s first year in med school and it was such a pleasant surprise when we found out that they had each gotten a residency spot in the same city so we would once again be living in the same location for 3 years!

Here is the site:


(on a side note, please lift Emily up in your prayers, her kiddos have been sick with probably H1N1 and she is preggo with #4 and also sick with the same virus)



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Unfinished Mom posted a comment on here earlier this week, and so I hopped over to her blog to read her Works for Me Wednesday post.  Here is what I found. It’s a great little tutorial/rundown on Swagbucks. I had heard of swagbucks and had even signed up for an account, but I just had not done anything with it. This was a great reminder for me, and even informative since I had been living under a rock and did not know there was a tool bar you could download. That is just my style!