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Fight the Frump Friday-This is A True Story October 23, 2009


Have you heard about the Fight the Frump Friday carnival over at Blissfully Domestic, led by Jenny at Mommin It Up? Well, I am really the last person in the world who has any advice whatsoever about fighting the frump…in fact, I am the frump.  However, I have been trying to fight it for a few months now….after all, Harper is 9 months old so I no longer have the whole I’ve had 3 children in 4 years and the youngest is a newborn right now excuse. So I thought, Ok, I can write something…and I felt pretty inspired with all the talk about Mary Kay products because I love their products, used to sell them, and now my sis in law sells them (here is a shameless plug for her). The story you are about to read is true, and I wish that I was about to exaggerate or embellish it just a little, but I’m not.

Several months ago my best friend took me shopping when I was visiting her in Michigan.  She helped me pick out a HUGE pile of trendy clothes, we took pics of outfits I could wear, including new “casual” wear outfits so I would look good even when I was lounging around the house.  She strictly instructed me to stop wearing my husband’s shorts and t-shirts around the house! I LOVE my new clothes and have been really inspired MOST of the time to wear nice clothes, add some accessories like some earrings, and do my makeup. I even started taking care of my skin again.

Fastforward to this week, here is what has been going on.  Hubby left for TEXAS for a 5-day conference on Wednesday.  I have had big plans of cleaning out our laundry/storage room, guest bathroom, and guest bedroom in the evenings while he was gone so my appearance hasn’t been high on my priority list.  Wednesday went fine, I was dressed decently, probably just had some mascara on.  Yesterday (Thursday), I wore my pajamas all day.  I did shower, but applied no makeup, moisturizer, or hair product. So, I looked pretty crummy.  Harper proceeded to develop a horrid stomach bug yesterday so I seriously changed probably 20 dirty diapers of diarrhea, so not a bad excuse to look “frumpy.”  By the time 6am this morning rolled around, I was pretty darn tired, so I started off the day in the same clothes as I had on yesterday and did not have much of a plan to change out of those clothes.  As the morning wore on, and Harper’s diarrhea seemed to have lessened, I still felt gross and very very tired.  I hopped on the internet to read some of my favorite blogs and saw the Fight the Frump posts.

Another hour or so went by, and I decided that maybe I shouldn’t be the poster woman for frumpiness.  My tip for fighting the frump that I wanted to share with the blogging world was to get yourself showered, dressed, and made up because it will make you feel better about yourself and probably give you more energy. So I was going to instruct all those mommies out there to get dressed, accessorize, and apply some makeup EVEN if you are not going to see anyone but your children that day.  My hubby is still in Texas, but I decided I would feel a lot better if I followed the above advice.  Around 11am I looked pretty darn good. I had a new, super cute top on, my make up done, hair combed, and even some funky earrings on. I really did feel better, I had more energy, I stopped sulking about the fact that my hubby is in Texas, and I went on with my day in a much better mood for my children!

At precisely 1pm, Harper was playing so sweetly at his little activity table, and he was super proud that he was standing at it!  Then he fell….and bumped his head….and started to cry.  The tears and snot fest ensued for awhile, and he started to calm down. I was holding him and getting ready to take a bite of my lunch. Just trying to keep him happy for a couple of minutes so I could scarf down a Healthy Choice meal before putting him down for a nap.  Without any warning whatsoever Harper vomited ALL OVER my shirt, then again all over my neck, then projectile vomited all over the kitchen floor. It seriously just kept spewing out of him, as if we were in some kind of SAHM Horror Flick.  I did what every good mother does in this situation and completely froze for a good 30 seconds, trying to process what had just happened to me.  There was so much vomit that it soaked through my cute shirt, and when I took it off I had chunks of vomit on my bra, and my skin was soaked.

I will spare you the rest of the cleanup details. However, while I may have looked good for a solid 2 hours, I am back in a cruddy t-shirt, and trying to laugh about Harper’s not so subtle reminder to me as to why there are days when I simply do not “fight the frump.”