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Christmastime November 16, 2009

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This year I am especially struggling with trying to explain and focus on the true meaning of Christmas with my kids. I think partly because my 4 year old is coming up with a lot of questions and it is hard to figure out how to talk about some of this stuff to a 4 year old and 2 year old!  In addition, our family is just so blessed that it seems ridiculous to even consider getting my kids gifts for christmas. Of course, we were still at Toys R Us last night doing some shopping and having lots of fun plotting what our kids might like to receive. I’m still feeling quite disatisfied with the selection at the chain stores and have been doing a lot of online searching trying to find some good things to get that are worth the money for our kids. All of this is really beside the point…it is so easy to become consumed by the materialism that this season can bring on.  The gimmies are crazy in my kids right now as the toy catalogs keep showing up in the mail and newspaper.

One thing I hope to do before Christmas is to find some sort of charitable work that our family can do together. At our MOPS meeting last week, we had a speaker from the Columbia Voluntary Action Center. She was a truly inspiring speaker. She was very passionate about volunteer work, especially for families and children and I feel called to find something for my kids to do this year. It is so easy to say that we will start doing volunteer work when our kids are older, but how exactly is it easier to suddenly start trying to get my kids to do volunteer work in 8 years or so?  Why not start now?


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