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Yikes! October 20, 2009

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Yikes, it’s been almost a week since I last posted something on here.  How annoying! My apologies to my loyal readers, all 5 of you! 🙂

I have no good excuse for letting my blog get so out of date, yet again, but I know it is annoying. I get annoyed when I am surfing around on my favorite blogs early in the morning or during naptime, and I can’t find new reading material. 🙂

So whats been going on? Not a whole lot. Little Harper is sick with a cold so that has been eating away at my energy, patience, and sleep! Also, we have been preparing for hubby to be gone for 5 days at a conference in Texas.  Not sure how we will all survive, but hopefully we will.

Today, a wonderful thing happened. I have been dreading today for several weeks. It is the day that had written on the calendar “9:20am Boys Flu mists/shots”.  Yes, I for some unknown reason, scheduled all 3 boys to receive their flu vaccines today at the same time all at once.  Not a big deal probably if you have laid back children, but as I’ve mentioned before, my oldest is very SPIRITED.  I have had a knot in my stomach for 3 days thinking about hauling all 3 of them in for this blessed event.  God must have known.  At about 8:30am, my husband received a phone call that he did not have to be into work until noon.  GLORY HALLELUJAH.  He graciously helped me take the kiddos to the doctor and it made my day!  Especially since he got the pleasure of pinning Lucas down (to be expected) while he received a squirt of flu vaccine in each nostril.  Avery took it like a champ (to be expected) and reported that it did not hurt at all.  Harper took the poke as any 9 month old baby does and has enjoyed a nice 3 hour nap afterward.

So that’s my life in a nutshell for the past few days. How have you been?


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