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Getting Ready For School Chart (Preschool Age) October 12, 2009

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We have been struggling A LOT with getting Lucas ready for school in the morning.  His preschool starts at 8AM (I know PAINFUL).  It is most difficult on the days when I have to load up all 3 kiddos to drive Lucas across town and drop him off.  On my lucky days, my hubby is able to take him, BUT when he takes him, he has to drop Lucas off about 15-20  minutes early (they have an extended care option).  So that makes the “getting ready for school” struggle even worse.  I have to wake Lucas 15 minutes earlier than usual, and get him MOVING so my hubby is not late for work. Long story short, most mornings involve a lot of whining on Lucas’ part, a lot of barking and yelling on my part, and a lot of foot stomping (on both of our parts).

I have been thinking and praying a lot about how to make our mornings more enjoyable and go much more smoothly.  I worked for a couple of hours last night making this guy:

preschoolgettingreadyforschoolchartThere are 5 envelopes, each with a piece in it for the steps that Lucas needs to do to get ready for school in the morning (in order).  This can be modified to your particular child’s needs.  For Lucas: his steps include eat breakfast, go potty, get dressed, brush teeth and hair and wash face, put on shoes.  When he finishes a step he puts the piece (attaches with velcro) on his chart.  Don’t ask me why I made the “Potty” step a choo choo train.  I didn’t really want to put a toilet on his chart, and I wanted it to be noticeable because this step usually involves the most whining (for whatever reason) from Lucas.  I figure he can go over some letters/spelling each morning and should know how to spell the word “potty” before the school year is over! ha!  Here is the chart all done:

preschoolgettingreadyforschoolchartalldoneLucas seems pretty pumped about this. My hope and theory is that he maintains an element of control with getting ready for school in the morning, he can go over and take each step out of the envelope and see for himself what he needs to do. I introduced it today, we’ll actually do the chart tomorrow.


One Response to “Getting Ready For School Chart (Preschool Age)”

  1. Cath Timms Says:

    Wow, this looks fantastic! I’m definitely giving this a go! Your mornings sound very familiar so I’m up for anything. I thought about just doing a checklist but I think your idea is much better. Thanks for this! Will let you know how we get on.

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