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Co-Sleeping-It’s Not for Me October 1, 2009

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This is not a post to spark some sort of co-sleeping debate at all. We all have our opinions and I say to each his/her own.

However, I have learned (and this morning was a reminder) that co-sleeping is NOT for me! Beautiful Harper awoke me at 6am this morning via cries that are heard through the loudspeaker of a monitor that I insist on using despite the fact that his room is DIRECTLY across the hall from me!  At any rate, there was no way this kid was going back to sleep, so I got up and gave him his bottle. Then, I brought him into our room for some snuggle time. I woke my husband up who was snoring like a freight train (really, who snores that loudly at 6:15 in the morning), and told him not to roll over the baby.  Reason #1 I could not co-sleep….an extreme fear of my husband (and perhaps me) rolling onto the baby!  We all snuggled in and Harper was cute as can be with his paci and blankey in between Daddy and Me….and totally loving it.  Reason #2 I could not co-sleep…..the flying punches from a baby and the close quarters-I’m not very touchy feely and definitely need my space when I am sleeping.  I was hoping to enjoy a few extra minutes not being upright….maybe catching a quick doze.  However, this was not meant to be.  My 4 year old came out of his room and asked to get up so I had to wake my husband and tell him I had to get up and not to let Harper roll off the bed! Reason #4 I could not co-sleep….can’t even get out of bed with out waking up my husband to go on baby watch for a few seconds, seriously what if I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night?  I promptly sent my 4 year old back to his room.  Then I settled back to bed to snuggle and doze. However, I couldn’t even rest my eyes because I could not take my eyes off this amazingly beautiful and adorable baby boy! Reason #5 I could not co-sleep–I’m pretty sure I would stay awake all night just staring at my baby in complete awe at how wonderful and blessed I am.


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