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WFMW-Super Saturday Showdown September 30, 2009

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Works for me WednesdayOur house has been in dire need of a good cleaning, and I am the only one who sees that or does anything about it.  Our housekeeper has been out with a broken toe, so it is just the Stampers household.  But really, we have a lot of “manpower” in this house.  A husband and 3 boys (ok, so we can’t really count Harper yet to be much help in the cleaning department).  At any rate, I decided to capitalize on the natural competitiveness of the males in my life.  I split us up into 2 teams, the red team and the blue team (with shirts to coordinate).  Friday, I sent a text page to my husband that read “You and Avery versus Lucas and Me.  Saturday 8am sharp. The first ever Super Saturday Showdown. Be there or be square.”

I then wrote down each room of the house on its own sheet of paper with tasks that needed to be done in each room. For example: Living Room: Pick Up Toys, Put Pillow on Sofa, Clean off the top of the desk, Dust, Wash Windows and Door, Vacuum.  We called them our “Missions” which Lucas just ate up. Seriously call “Cleaning the Living Room” a “Mission” and he is all about it! Call it cleaning and he refuses to lift a finger!  We drew one mission at a time out of a hat and did not pull out another one until we completed the one we were on.  It was a great way to divide and conquer.  A great way to randomly decide who did what.  And an awesome way to get the kids (and the husband) involved! Lucas really had the best attitude of anyone, Avery was hit and miss in his helping but I have hope for him.

I will not lie, I did have a temper tantrum at one point because I felt like everyone was whining and having a bad attitude but once we all got past that it was overall successful, and I am pretty sure we will do it again.  The winners? Of course Lucas and me.  So the prize was that Lucas got to pick out family activity. He picked a movie night (afternoon) and we had a great time yesterday watching Horton Hears A Who and eating popcorn.  For more WFMW go here


2 Responses to “WFMW-Super Saturday Showdown”

  1. Calling them on “missions” is such a great idea! When my kids get older, I will definitely have to remember this idea. SO fun!!!

  2. Yes, the whole thing was just an attempt to make a mundane task more fun for my kids (and hubby), and my 4 year old really got into it. I think this may be a recurring thing maybe once a month or so, because let’s be honest, that’s how often I REALLY clean my house. 🙂

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