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Boys Will Be Boys September 28, 2009

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One of the areas I struggle with is when to sit back and let my kids be kids…let them make that mess or dump those toys or what have you because they really aren’t doing anything at all except for being 4 and 2.  For instance, my boys are currently OBSESSED with building forts.  This means they drag every pillow, sofa cushion, and blanket they can find from all over the house into my front living room (the one that was supposed to be a “formal” company living room) and build these elaborate forts/castles/pirate ships/jungles…whatever the theme of the day may be.  I am constantly fighting back the urge to make them clean it all up right away.  What are they hurting?  they are playing well, being super cute, and so creative. Who am I to step in and break up the fun….


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