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Harper is *EIGHT* Months Old!!!! September 24, 2009

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My youngest just turned 8 months old, and I am in shock.  How did 8 months go by so quickly.  Isn’t he still a newborn?  I feel like crying as I realize how fast time goes.  I swear the clock ticks faster with each child!

I wanted to take  a moment to just relish in all things Harper.  He is an amazing baby.  He is so laid back and easy going, and so so sweet.  He also has quite the serious side to him.  The one person (and I mean ONE) who can really get those giggles coming from him is my oldest son, Lucas.  The rest of us have to try awfully hard to even get a chuckle most of the time.

Harper just began army crawling and he is FAST.  I don’t remember my other two army crawling much at all, let alone this quickly and efficiently. Let me tell you he can cover some territory. And now he is thrilled to pieces that he can even make his way over to where his two big brothers are playing!!!  He wants so badly to have their attention and to be included. It is just adorable and I am getting a small glimpse of our near future with three boys.  The other two, Lucas and Avery, are just now beginning to include Harper. They will need to find a new rhythm as their brother begins to join in the fun!

Harper is also SUCH a mama’s boy!!!  I love him, and he loves me! I think sometimes I am hogging time with him from my husband…quite selfish of me really. Especially at bedtime I just love to be the one putting him to bed and having that last snuggle time with him in the rocking chair as he starts to drift off.  I know these evening rocking sessions are numbered and it makes me sad to think about him not wanting to be rocked a year from now so I want to soak in this time as much as possible.

The other adorable thing Harper does right now is clapping.  I just think he must be the cutest clapping baby EVER! And he is so proud that he can do it!

I could write all night about this little bundle of joy, but I will spare you! Plus. my peanut butter cookies are done so its time to flip on Grey’s Anatomy!!! I am a little TOO excited that Fall TV has started!!!


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