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Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming a Mommy September 9, 2009

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Here is a random assortment of things I have learned since becoming a mommy….this may be a little disorganized. I did not get enough sleep, and even reached for the baby formula to put in the coffee maker instead of the coffee this morning.

*I’ve learned how to do puzzles much more quickly.  I do not like puzzles.  And yet I have been doing them a lot lately so I’m actually improving!  Believe it or not these little preschool jigsaw puzzles are pretty frustrating for me. However, Lucas gets about halfway through and quits and I end up doing puzzles at night when I try to clean up the house.

*I’ve learned A LOT of patience. I am not typically a patient person but have 3 children in 4 years and taught me a lot more patience.

*I’ve learned that having boys might mean having catapillars (which  my  mom later informs me are corn worms) in a container on my kitchen counter for a full week. And I don’t even like to touch the things.

*I’ve learned that after 4 years of watching The Wiggles and being a stay at home mom, I might find myself thinking that Anthony Wiggle is hot and particularly funny. Boy do I need to get out.

*I’ve learned that in my desperate attempt to get adult contact I would become addicted to reading people’s blogs and twitter posts!

*I’ve learned that as a mom I will be wiping more bums that I EVER thought possible or EVER envisioned for  my life.

*I’ve learned that potty training is the most miserable experience imaginable.

*I’ve learned that my children can truly warm my heart, light up a room, improve my mood, and right a wrong with one beautiful smile or laugh, usually occurring at just the right time.

*I’ve learned that the bond between mothers is wonderful and provides an incredible amount of support.

*I’ve learned I will love my husband even more watching him be a father.


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