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Second Child Syndrome September 2, 2009

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Having more than one child is HARD.  Well having kids at all is hard. But, the mommy guilt, at least for me, seems to grow with each child! I think I do a pretty good  job getting the kids some individual attention each day. However, where I fall short is actually “working with” my 2nd and 3rd children on skills, developmental stuff, etc.  I spent all day doing that kind of thing with  my first but obviously have way less time to devote to structured activites with my other 2.

Today our Parents as Teacher’s parent educator came for a visit with my 2nd child, Avery, and my 3rd child, Harper.  She was working on sorting things with Avery. I was AMAZED to find out that he could not only sort pretty much everything she tried with him, but was sorting on 2 levels, and was doing better than most kids his age with the task, as well as attention span/persistence. I felt SO proud of him!  I had no idea he could do so much….I definitely have not really been working with him on this kind of thing. I also felt a little less guilty. Somehow, through love, attention, reading, and being there with Avery, he still is developing and learning at the same rate my oldest was even if I don’t sit down and spend 30 minutes a day teaching him colors and sorting blocks with him. 🙂  Granted, I am going to try to do it a little more often now that Lucas is in preschool, but still….my kids are turning out ok without me being a homeschooling mommy to my 2 year old!

Excuse me while I pat myself on the back. And you should pat yourself on your back too.


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