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WFMW-Super Saturday Showdown September 30, 2009

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Works for me WednesdayOur house has been in dire need of a good cleaning, and I am the only one who sees that or does anything about it.  Our housekeeper has been out with a broken toe, so it is just the Stampers household.  But really, we have a lot of “manpower” in this house.  A husband and 3 boys (ok, so we can’t really count Harper yet to be much help in the cleaning department).  At any rate, I decided to capitalize on the natural competitiveness of the males in my life.  I split us up into 2 teams, the red team and the blue team (with shirts to coordinate).  Friday, I sent a text page to my husband that read “You and Avery versus Lucas and Me.  Saturday 8am sharp. The first ever Super Saturday Showdown. Be there or be square.”

I then wrote down each room of the house on its own sheet of paper with tasks that needed to be done in each room. For example: Living Room: Pick Up Toys, Put Pillow on Sofa, Clean off the top of the desk, Dust, Wash Windows and Door, Vacuum.  We called them our “Missions” which Lucas just ate up. Seriously call “Cleaning the Living Room” a “Mission” and he is all about it! Call it cleaning and he refuses to lift a finger!  We drew one mission at a time out of a hat and did not pull out another one until we completed the one we were on.  It was a great way to divide and conquer.  A great way to randomly decide who did what.  And an awesome way to get the kids (and the husband) involved! Lucas really had the best attitude of anyone, Avery was hit and miss in his helping but I have hope for him.

I will not lie, I did have a temper tantrum at one point because I felt like everyone was whining and having a bad attitude but once we all got past that it was overall successful, and I am pretty sure we will do it again.  The winners? Of course Lucas and me.  So the prize was that Lucas got to pick out family activity. He picked a movie night (afternoon) and we had a great time yesterday watching Horton Hears A Who and eating popcorn.  For more WFMW go here


Boys Will Be Boys September 28, 2009

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One of the areas I struggle with is when to sit back and let my kids be kids…let them make that mess or dump those toys or what have you because they really aren’t doing anything at all except for being 4 and 2.  For instance, my boys are currently OBSESSED with building forts.  This means they drag every pillow, sofa cushion, and blanket they can find from all over the house into my front living room (the one that was supposed to be a “formal” company living room) and build these elaborate forts/castles/pirate ships/jungles…whatever the theme of the day may be.  I am constantly fighting back the urge to make them clean it all up right away.  What are they hurting?  they are playing well, being super cute, and so creative. Who am I to step in and break up the fun….


Harper is *EIGHT* Months Old!!!! September 24, 2009

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My youngest just turned 8 months old, and I am in shock.  How did 8 months go by so quickly.  Isn’t he still a newborn?  I feel like crying as I realize how fast time goes.  I swear the clock ticks faster with each child!

I wanted to take  a moment to just relish in all things Harper.  He is an amazing baby.  He is so laid back and easy going, and so so sweet.  He also has quite the serious side to him.  The one person (and I mean ONE) who can really get those giggles coming from him is my oldest son, Lucas.  The rest of us have to try awfully hard to even get a chuckle most of the time.

Harper just began army crawling and he is FAST.  I don’t remember my other two army crawling much at all, let alone this quickly and efficiently. Let me tell you he can cover some territory. And now he is thrilled to pieces that he can even make his way over to where his two big brothers are playing!!!  He wants so badly to have their attention and to be included. It is just adorable and I am getting a small glimpse of our near future with three boys.  The other two, Lucas and Avery, are just now beginning to include Harper. They will need to find a new rhythm as their brother begins to join in the fun!

Harper is also SUCH a mama’s boy!!!  I love him, and he loves me! I think sometimes I am hogging time with him from my husband…quite selfish of me really. Especially at bedtime I just love to be the one putting him to bed and having that last snuggle time with him in the rocking chair as he starts to drift off.  I know these evening rocking sessions are numbered and it makes me sad to think about him not wanting to be rocked a year from now so I want to soak in this time as much as possible.

The other adorable thing Harper does right now is clapping.  I just think he must be the cutest clapping baby EVER! And he is so proud that he can do it!

I could write all night about this little bundle of joy, but I will spare you! Plus. my peanut butter cookies are done so its time to flip on Grey’s Anatomy!!! I am a little TOO excited that Fall TV has started!!!


Things I Love Thursday-Kenmore Progressive Upright Vacuum September 23, 2009

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tiltI am in love!  My old vacuum FINALLY bit the dust (I may have been secretly praying to the vacuum gods daily for this to happen).  It was the cheapest vacuum my husband and I could find at walmart when we got married almost 7 1/2 years ago.  It lived a good life, but I am grateful that it finally smoked its way out of existence.

Two days ago, after much research and deliberation we finally went to Sears and bought this baby:

progressiveI heart this vacuum.  It is awesome! Now I know there are plenty of other fancier and more expensive vacuums out there…but this is EXACTLY what *I* was looking for!!!! and a big step up from our cheapo vacuum!!!!  It has the inteliclean system so it tells you when the spot you are vacuuming is clean (I’ve yet to get the green light on most of my carpet–that’s how long its been since we vacuumed). But this thing is definitely powerful, has a great attachment set up, no belt to break, HEPA filter (the word hepa just makes me giddy), and even knows when you move it from carpet to hard floor.

I ALMOST enjoy vacuuming right now!!!

I have been in no way affiliated with Sears, provided anything by them, etc…I just really love my new vacuum. It is still sitting out in our living room so I can enjoy looking at this new member of our family. 🙂 For more TILT, go here.


Works For Me Wednesday-Getting Help Around the House September 9, 2009

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Works for me WednesdayI really am trying to improve my frugalness, but there is one area where we are splurging but has been so worth the splurge for our happiness, sanity, and general well-being as a family. Last year for our anniversary my husband hired a college student to help me with the cleaning twice a month. She has been an incredible addition to our family life.  I LOVE her!  Now that she has worked for us for a year we have a great rhythm. She knows exactly how I want things cleaned and cleans my bathrooms, kitchen, vacuuming, boys rooms, basement, and even babysits occasionally. She is my sanity saver.  As a new mom I felt like I needed to be a superwoman and have all the laundry always done, ironing done, house spic and span, and dinner on the table every night.  Four years and three children later, I simply could not keep up with even the most basic things. I have since lowered my standards and asked for help during these early years of my children’s lives.  It has freed up a lot of time for me to be with them instead of exhausting myself cleaning, and it has greatly improved my happiness to still have a clean house!  So, I know this is not something everyone can do, but it is something we have squeezed into our budget and I am so grateful to be letting go of my pride and asking someone to come and help me for awhile. It works for me. For more Works For ME Wednesday go here.


Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming a Mommy

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Here is a random assortment of things I have learned since becoming a mommy….this may be a little disorganized. I did not get enough sleep, and even reached for the baby formula to put in the coffee maker instead of the coffee this morning.

*I’ve learned how to do puzzles much more quickly.  I do not like puzzles.  And yet I have been doing them a lot lately so I’m actually improving!  Believe it or not these little preschool jigsaw puzzles are pretty frustrating for me. However, Lucas gets about halfway through and quits and I end up doing puzzles at night when I try to clean up the house.

*I’ve learned A LOT of patience. I am not typically a patient person but have 3 children in 4 years and taught me a lot more patience.

*I’ve learned that having boys might mean having catapillars (which  my  mom later informs me are corn worms) in a container on my kitchen counter for a full week. And I don’t even like to touch the things.

*I’ve learned that after 4 years of watching The Wiggles and being a stay at home mom, I might find myself thinking that Anthony Wiggle is hot and particularly funny. Boy do I need to get out.

*I’ve learned that in my desperate attempt to get adult contact I would become addicted to reading people’s blogs and twitter posts!

*I’ve learned that as a mom I will be wiping more bums that I EVER thought possible or EVER envisioned for  my life.

*I’ve learned that potty training is the most miserable experience imaginable.

*I’ve learned that my children can truly warm my heart, light up a room, improve my mood, and right a wrong with one beautiful smile or laugh, usually occurring at just the right time.

*I’ve learned that the bond between mothers is wonderful and provides an incredible amount of support.

*I’ve learned I will love my husband even more watching him be a father.


Operation Organization September 4, 2009

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I am about to start Operation Organization here. Doing some research on other people’s blogs who actually know how to organize, and then I am going to tackle the clutter and get this house organized one spot at a time! Super excited (and yet overwhelmed too) at this new venture! Stay tuned!