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A Big Boy Bed August 14, 2009

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On Sunday we turned Avery’s bed into a toddler bed, and with that began our new and challenging rule that his paci stay in his bed.  This has been a challenge but he is doing awesome.  I however am devastated.  I cannot believe my “baby” is in a toddler bed, I was not ready, am not ready, and just want to keep him a baby forever.  With our oldest I was so excited for every milestone, now with our 2 younger boys, I cry at every milestone, probably because I now have a much better clue as far as how fast time goes and there is no need to rush things along!

We love you Avery and just cannot believe how grown up you are!

On another note, I have had the flu this week, my mother in law is coming and the house is a disaster. I also have a stampin up workshop tomorrow which I have not been able to prepare for yet. I guess that’s what tonight is for. Too bad mommies don’t get sick days.


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