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Works for me Wednesday-How to clean up puke when traveling August 12, 2009

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Works for me WednesdayNot to toot my own horn or anything but for a very brief moment in time this past week, I was actually “super-mom”.  I relish this moment, and I will brag about this moment because I may never be super mom again.

Avery, unfortunately, has been blessed with my car sickness gene (which I still display frequently).  On our way out the door for our trip to Michigan, I realized I had forgotten to give him dramamine….this had previously been working wonders for us.  The box says to give it 15 minutes or so prior to departure….I think that that must be an important point in the directions, which I was hoping was not so important, or was at least optional.  Once we hit STL Friday evening rush hour traffic (downtown, mind you), Avery puked EVERYWHERE.  Including, once again, all over his beloved blanky. This blanky is literally sewn to his fingers and he will stay up all night if he cannot have his blanky. I groaned. We were already scheduled for a midnight arrival time, prior to this incident which I knew would prove to be a significant delay, but now he was going to wait up half the night while I washed his blanky.

I immediately began trying to formulate a plan of attack while my husband watched for a Walmart sign.  I have NEVER been so glad to see a Walmart in my life.  I raced in and began throwing things, quite strategically into the cart.  I grabbed 2 buckets (one for cleaning in, one for rinsing), a box of trash bags, liquid lysol, spray lysol, disinfectant wipes, a bottle of dreft, sponges, 3 jugs of water, VIVA papertowels, and last but not least Dove sensitive skin pre-soaped wash cloths.  This was amazing…I even found the ONE soap (Dove sensitive) that does not make Avery break out in hives/rashes all over his body–in pre-soaped wash cloth form!!!!  I checked out as quickly as possible, threw everything in the van and we moved the van to the very back of the parking late, parking in such away as to have a 4 spot radius around our van to allow for clean up.

Then I got to work.  I don’t know how I did this so smoothly and efficiently, but I did. We first took Avery out of his seat and while myhusband stripped him down, I put a trash bag in one of the buckets, added water, and got the Dove wash cloth ready.  We got him good and scrubbed down, then I poured some DREFT into the bucket of water.  I also put a bag and water into the other bucket.  Then I hand washed his blanky and rinsed it and layed it out to begin drying….I figured it would be good enough to get us through the night until we could use a washing machine in the morning.  Then, I dumped the dreft water and filled it back up with new water and added the liquid lysol. I set to work with the ever so enjoyable task of cleaning the carseat while it was still in the car because we had packed way too much crap to make pulling it out possible without unpacking the car.  This of course was done while our 4 year old complained over and over of the stench (I really could not blame him).  I used the liquid lysol, the disinfectant wipes, the spray lysol, the whole bit.  and 45 minutes later we were loaded back inthe car and back on the road.  Avery insisted on holding his soaking wet blanky rather than letting it dry, but whatever, it kept him quiet.

So, should you ever have the unfortunate experience of a child puking all over himself and his carseat, this is the “super-mom” method of handling such a situation.  The bonus, after you have bought the buckets you have something to try to convince your 2 year old to puke into (which he pretty clearly does not really understand or seem to have the ability to anticipate the impending puke).  For more WFMW go to We Are That Family.


3 Responses to “Works for me Wednesday-How to clean up puke when traveling”

  1. wanda Says:

    Oh my …. girlfriend!
    I have the puke monster in my family too. I think I’ve bought replacement clothes at every town Walmart we’ve ever travelled through.
    Oh and cleaned the cars…….oh man….blak!

    Now….she’s a big 14 year old girl. But still cannot travel well.
    But we have a way to do it with ease.

    Here’s a FANTASTIC trick to car or motion sickness.
    Take a lemon….slice it up and put it in a baggy.
    As soon as that weird queezy feeling begins….take a slice out and lick it or just stick your tongue to it.
    Something in it causes the naseua to go away. I’M NOT KIDDING!
    If you do not have a lemon…..lemon drops can work too.
    Just suck on them anytime that icky feeling comes.
    It is really magical!


  2. Tasha Says:

    When my daughters were toddlers they would get car sick every time we drove more than 10 miles.

    My husband stopped at a gas station one time and bought hiself some sunflower seeds. The girls wanted some. We found that sunflower seeds in the shell have kept them from getting car sick. I don’t know if it is the salt on the shells that neutralizes stomach acid or what. We take a big bag of sunflower seed with us and some disposable cups and let them eat all they want when we travel. We just got back from vacation and traveled over 12 hours and no carsickeness. Thank goodness for salted, in the shell sunflower seeds. I don’t miss the yuck from cleaning up the kids and the vehicle smackdab in the middle of nowhere.

  3. I also suffer from Carsickness, and boat sickness. I swear by ginger tablets when we are travelling or on a boat. They work WONDERS for me. But sadly, they too have to be taken before the trip begins to be effective. Bonus: no drowsiness at all.

    Ginger: not an old wive’s tale anymore.

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