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SLEEP! August 31, 2009

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Can I just announce to the world that my 7 month old slept past 6am for the first time in over 2 weeks! I am praising the Lord right now!


Home Improvement

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The weather was beyond gorgeous this weekend.  So refreshing to be able to turn off the air and open up the windows!!!

We took advantage of this rare weekend weather coupled with my husband’s rare 2 days in a row off and got tons of stuff done around the house.  Lots of much needed yard work (really our yard was embarrassing!).

We also began tackling our bathroom again to prepare it for painting. We are not doing an all-out remodeling of this bathroom becuase we are going to be moving in less than 2 years, but we did work hard to remove the ugly and way too clunky ceramic towel holders off the wall and are now in the process of patching the walls so we can paint it “hopsack”. I would love to have the job of coming up with paint color names! Anyway my husband impressed me with his manliness and knowledge of DIY home improvement, which he rarely shows…probably because he knows I would want to put those skills to work way more often!

Love you honey! Thanks for all your hard work around here this weekend!


Things I Love Thursday-Yoplait Delights August 27, 2009

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tiltI am not the biggest fan of yogurt. I eat it occasionally for a “healthy” snack, but rarely ENJOY it.  Until Yoplait Delights! I discovered these at Gerbes (with a sizeable coupon and discount), and I purchased the raspberry and chocolate one.  They are SOOOOOOOO good!  I feel  like I am eating a dessert! YUM!  My new favorite snack! I *heart* Yoplait Delights. In fact, I love them so much that I am not even letting my kids try them because I want to keep them all to myself-how selfish of a mom am I? Anyway, there are, I believe 4 flavors, and I cannot speak for the other flavors yet.


For more Things I Love Thursday, go here.


Well Said August 25, 2009

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Over at Mommin It Up, an awesome blog, might I add, they have posted something that could have come right out of my mouth. It is EXACTLY how I feel as far as being a mom, and still trying to hit my stride.  I was always such a STUDENT, and a mostly straight A student at that. I loved the satisfaction of getting that A.  Unfortunately, in mommyhood, there is no report card so to speak…I don’t get that constant reassurance of an A to make me feel like I am doing a good job. I am left to simply dangle and wonder if I am totally screwing my kids up for life.  I have yet to strike  a balance between spending too much time playing with them and giving them 100% of  my attention and not enough time doing so.  I have a constant struggle within myself to live up to these likely unrealistic expectations I have of myself as far as being a mommy, wife, homemaker, and even being ME.  Anyway, check out this post here.


Fall is coming

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Ohhhh I can feel it!  Living in mid-Missouri is difficult for me in the weather department. I love snow, like the cold for a certain extent of time (neither of which we have much of down here), and absolutely LOATHE heat and humidity.  Probably w hy Michigan was the PERFECT climate for me when we lived there! At any rate, here we are in MO for another 2 years (actually 1 year, 9 months), and the weather here is like my own personall HE**.  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the good people of MO or anything else about the state, it is just the weather that I am not cut out for. I do not like to sweat, I do not like to be hot…..something that I get plenty of time experiencing here.

At any rate, we have had some beautiful fall-ish days the past couple of days and so now I am super excited for fall to come. For one, our yard needs SERIOUS work, and I am such a pansy that I am insisting we wait until Sept/Oct to begin the work.

For another, I am excited that Lucas is back in school…he  loves it, and I enjoy the break I get from his high maintenance 4 year old self.

And finally, I am just so excited for the milestones to come in the near future.  Avery is talking more and more (thank goodness), Harper is starting to move around and will soon be crawling and then walking. And, I can’t wait as these 3 boys start interacting and playing more and more together.  It is amazing to watch them develop their brotherly  bond.


Kroger Mega Sales August 24, 2009

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I found that the Happy Homemaker has a printable list of the Kroger Mega Sales event. I am so grateful she took the time to do all this work for the benefit of everyone else. If you live near a Kroger check this list out before your Mega sales our over. Ours (at Gerbes) will end tomorrow. I know different areas have different sales periods, so check yours before you drag the kiddos out to snag these deals! Here is the list.


August 20, 2009

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I first learned about ebeanstalk at The Diaper Diaries.  It is a web site dedicated to selecting good, safe learning toys and baby gifts. When they contacted me to test a toy for them, I was of course excited. I love that their selection of toys encourage imagination, creativity, and are focused on age-appropriate development!  The toy they sent is called Grip-O-Sphere from International Playthings


Here is the low-down.  It is for ages 6m and up so Harper was the one to “test” it out.  He has truly enjoyed this toy.  It has multiple textures, always a plus for babies, and has different places to grab onto, clicks, and spins.  I love that it folds down flat so I can throw it in the diaper bag pretty easily.  My only suggestion to the company that made the toy is that it seems a bit on the heavy side, but really not a big deal. Overall, definitely developmentally appropriate for my 6 (now 7 , gasp!) month old. In addition, my 4 year old was quite excited for the toy because he declared it looks like Saturn, his favorite planet!

In the interest of full disclosure, ebeanstalk provided me with this toy, but did not provide me any monetary compensation for my review.