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Things I Love Thursday-The ZOO!!! July 24, 2009

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tiltThis past weekend was GORGEOUS here in hot mid-missouri.  so, sunday morning we got up and drove 2 hours to the zoo.  Oh my goodness did the boys have fun, and Harper was a trooper going along with the flow and even napping a bit in the stroller.  I absolutely love the zoo. I love the animals, I love the people, I love the food, I love the overpriced stuffed animals at the gift shop!  I love watching my kids love the zoo.  We have not been to one in over a  year because the town we moved to last year does not have its own zoo, something we are not used to!  Lucas has been to many a zoo, but Avery obviously does not remember the zoo he went to in his first year of life so his eyes were just as big as saucers the entire time on Sunday.  I loved watching him discover the animals.  It was also such a great activity to do as a family–to get away from the lawn, the dishes, the cleaning, the laundry, the tv, the toys, the bickering, the nap schedules, everything and just get outside, enjoy nature, and enjoy each other.  I cannot stress enough how great and how important that day was for all of us! So, head out to your nearest zoo, buy that funnel cake, and sit back for a sea lion show, a monkey feeding, or a tiger prowling. for more TILT, check out The Diaper Diaries.


One Response to “Things I Love Thursday-The ZOO!!!”

  1. Jill Says:

    We love the zoo too. It is so easy to do and the kids always love it. And here it is really affordable.

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