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Things I Love Thursday-Mary Kay Microdermabrasion July 9, 2009

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tiltUsually I neglect my skin care, completely.  Lately, however, I have been trying to take an extra 10 minutes each day to actually care for my skin…..maybe I am starting to get worried about all these little lines popping up, maybe it is because I am watching my husbands hair fall out every day….I don’t know, but for some reason I have been motivated to take care of my skin so I don’t look like I am 50 when I am in my 30s.  I am suddenly aware that I probably look much older than the picture I have of myself in my head!

At any rate, I’ve been washing, moisturizing, using eye cream, the whole works for a few days now. One thing I decided to give a try is Mary Kay’s Microdermabrasion.  I tried it on a whim, as I had a set hanging around from my unsold inventory from my days as a consultant.  I have used it a couple of times, and my skin already feels smoother!  I really like it!!!!  It still feels pretty gentle while getting the job done.

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4 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday-Mary Kay Microdermabrasion”

  1. That’s funny that you had it this whole time & never tried it!! I’m actually very bad at doing that too. If I purchase it I’ll definitely try it, but if it’s given to me (or I guess like in your case at a super good non-retail price), I might let it sit forever!!

  2. angie Says:

    I am about the same way the girls love makeup and I never really use but if I need anything it is normally inside this house

  3. I take horrible care of my skin. It is so ridiculous cause I have tons of skin care stuff around I just don’t use it. I am sure I will massively pay for it one day.

  4. […] Several months ago my best friend took me shopping when I was visiting her in Michigan.  She helped me pick out a HUGE pile of trendy clothes, we took pics of outfits I could wear, including new “casual” wear outfits so I would look good even when I was lounging around the house.  She strictly instructed me to stop wearing my husband’s shorts and t-shirts around the house! I LOVE my new clothes and have been really inspired MOST of the time to wear nice clothes, add some accessories like some earrings, and do my makeup. I even started taking care of my skin again. […]

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