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A Fourth of July Recap July 7, 2009

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Well, we had a great 4th of July weekend, and I hope you did too!  Mr. Stamper had all 3 days off (Fri, Sat, Sun) which was great!!!  His dad, grandma and sister joined us on Friday for lunch (his sis was in from Florida) so we grilled some burgers and hot dogs and had a yummy, meaty American lunch! ha!  Then there was much playing with the kids for the rest of the afternoon.  Saturday morning, we got up early and headed to his dad’s house at a lake and the kids had a blast going out on the boat and fishing.  I am personally, not much of a water person, in fact I am quite nervous on the water.  So, I stayed back with Harper.  We ate lots of food and had an all around good time, including delicious homemade ice cream!  I was definitely exhausted at the end of the day and ready for it to be over, but it was stll fun. We actually did not stay up for fireworks as it is just so far past our kids’ bedtimes right now that no one really stays awake enough to enjoy it.  We did get to see some as we drove into town though.  I rounded out the weekend by going to The Proposal with a friend….GREAT movie!


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