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Things I Love Thursday–Dramamine for Children July 3, 2009

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tiltWell, I haven’t posted all week, as I am trying to get over  this rotten cold!

However, I am FINALLY starting to feel better!  For today’s Things I Love Thursday, I thought I would share about my love for children’s dramamine.  Seriously, that has changed out lives.  I am not a big advocate of “drugging” up my kids for road trips.  And we go on MANY, long drives with our kids!

Unfortunately, though, Avery inherited my car sickness gene.  And on pretty much every trip we went on for the past year that was over 30 minutes long, he would be puking his guts out in his car seat.  It has led to some interesting adventures and roadside clean ups.  One of which involved us having to borrow a bucket and disinfectant from a St Louis Hardees…they took true pity on us and lined the bucket with a bag before filling it with water and disinfectant so we could get the car seat as cleaned up as possible.  During that same trip, Avery puked on his beloved blanky.  So, upon arriving at our hotel destination, I spent from 10pm until 1am washing and re-washing his blanky in the CRAPPY hotel washing machine….he “patiently” waited up the whole time.  Fastforward a few months and he puked 3 times in the first 2 hours of a 6 hour drive!  We were truly in despair!  He went through 3 outfits and stunk up the whole car.  On one of our roadside clean ups a cop even stopped to see what we were up to (he really was very friendly).    During that trip we had to find a walmart and buy more clothes, as I was out of clean ones.  While there, I purchased some children’s dramamine….seriously we were not goign to get to my parents house that night if this puking did not stop!  Boy did that dramamine do the trick!  No more puking, and knock on wood he has not puked on another trip since as long as we give him the dramamine.  Maybe I’m a bad parent for giving this to my kid, but it sure has made traveling a lot more comfortable and tolerable.  He really isn’t too out of it either (maybe a smidge drowsy but not too bad.)

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2 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday–Dramamine for Children”

  1. Oh that is so awful. I get car sick too, but not that bad. Poor little guy!!

  2. Christy Says:

    I will have to try that on the next road trip too…thanks for sharing!

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