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Mommy Monday–Just let them be June 16, 2009

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For today’s Mommy Monday tip, I am going to share something that took 3 tries for me to really start to get down. With my oldest, like any new mom, I jumped and responded to and went running every time my son made a peep….and we are talking the tiniest of grunts, groans, giggles, and wiggles! I think it turned him into a miserable sleeper, and also into one of those kids that demands constant hands on attention! Not that this is necessarily bad, but it just creates a bit of a demanding parenting situation for this stay at home mommy who woudl prefer more independent play from her kids on a more regular basis. When my second came along, I got better about letting him be (mostly out of necessity, like when my 2 year old was throwing a tantrum, or needed his diaper changed, etc). Now with my third, he sits and plays in his bed for up to 30 minutes at a time, sometimes falling back asleep and getting another 15-90 minute nap in. I believe this is soooo healthy for kids to first of all be left alone if they are not screaming to see if they can fall back asleep (if they haven’t had a long enough nap), but second of all, to learn some independent play. It’s great to give them a chance to learn some self-soothing skills and even some ways to entertain themselves. The third time through has been soooo much easier than I ever expected. I think a lot of it has to do with my newfound ability to relax a little and not jump and respond to every single little noise! I even *gasp* turn off the monitor some of the time!!!!


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