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Things I Love Thursday-Homemade Freezer Jam June 12, 2009

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It has become a bit of an obsession of mine poking around on other people’s blogs reading all of the domestic things they do like making vegetable gardens, making EVERYTHING from scratch, sewing up cute little aprons or other fun things in their “spare” time, canning the fruits of their labor from their home gardens, etc.  Basically these women (who I admire) make me feel like the biggest wimp of all time!  I have yet to see the bottom of our laundry hamper since before little  Harper came along, I don’t know the first thing about gardening (in fact the only thing growing in our lawn is weeds), and a sewing machine? Forget it. I own one, but definitely cannot sew in a straight line, let alone make cute burp rags, aprons, or even mend a piece of clothing.  Don’t get me wrong, I sincerely wish that I not only had the knowledge to do some of these things, but also the time management skills!

So, when a good friend who lives around the corner arrived on our doorstep a couple of weeks ago with her husband and FOUR young boys and cheerfully handed me a container of homemade strawberry freezer jam made from the strawberries they picked themselves from the strawberry patch they planted and grew themselves, I was flabergasted and frankly a bit jealous!  Not only could I eat strawberries and only strawberries every day until the day I die and be completely 100% happy and fulfilled, but I have ALWAYS wanted to grow a strawberry patch. And here she is growing strawberries around the corner quite successfully despite her FOUR boys (yes FOUR). I can’t even seem to get showered and dressed before 10 in the morning with my three boys, let alone grow strawberries, pick them, and make jam from them! Anyway, I asked her how she made the jam, thinking it would be such a long and complicated process that I would never be able to tackle such a challenge.  When she told me all you do is mash up 4 cups of strawberries, add a cup and a half of sugar and a packet of freezer jam pectin from Walmart, and freeze, I could not believe it!  Now, this stuff she dropped off was gone in 2 days!  A couple days later I convinced my husband that we needed to go out to the local strawberry farm and pick some strawberries as a family. It was sooo much fun and the boys just LOVED it.  I took those strawberries and followed my friends simple directions (which were also on the back of the freezer jam pectin packet, say that 10 times fast!).  My jam turned out just as good as her’s! In very little time! I was so amazed!!!! I have since bought 12 1 lb boxes of strawberries at Walmart on sale for .88 each and have made a couple more batches of jam with a few more to come yet tomorrow!  So, go on and give it a whirl! It’s delicious, a great way to preserve strawberries which are currently in season, and tastes great on everything. So far I have dolloped it onto ice cream, pancakes, toast, and bread. 🙂  It freezes for up to a year!

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