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Works for me Wednesday–Lingerie bag for baby socks June 10, 2009

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This is an oldie but goody! I use a lingerie bag (who are we kidding, I can’t even fit into my lingerie so definitely not needing the bag for my stuff anymore), anyway, i use these bags to put my kids, especially baby, socks into. This way they don’t get lost in the towels, sheets, sleeves, pant legs, etc. and i save a ton of time searching high and low for that matching sock.

for more great tips, visit We are That Family.


2 Responses to “Works for me Wednesday–Lingerie bag for baby socks”

  1. This TOTALLY WORKS…I use it for socks for the whole family. I was SO sick of socks getting lost (esp. the little baby ones!)

  2. lisa Says:

    This is such a good idea. I also recently purchased another bag to wash nursing pads in, since they’re forever getting lost, and it’s also sort of embarrassing when they fall out of your pants leg. 😉

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