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I love my boys! June 10, 2009

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Yesterday was such an awesome, yet simple day with my boys! After they played together very well all morning, we met up with some friends at the library to sign our kids up for the summer reading program. As a bonus, they had newly hatched ducklings for the kids to see. Lucas and Avery were in awe of them, and went back to visit them several times! They were also super excited to play the computer games and pick out some new books to read. After the library, we spent the afternoon napping, reading, making bread (round 2, round 1 went quite well). They even played really well together after dinner with very little refereeing on my part….something that is quite unusual! šŸ™‚ At the end of the day, I felt so satisfied and happy at such a fun yet simple day that we had had together as a family. I think my husband was a little jealous since his day at work was not quite so fun and lasted forever (ok, just until 8pm).


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