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Mommy Monday June 8, 2009

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I just want to take the opportunity to share some “mommy” tips that I have learned after 3 children! Especially with my first child, I loved hearing other mom’s advice! Obviously not the annoying unwanted advice, but the helpful advice!

I thought I would start with something simple that I have passed on recently to a couple of moms who both found it to be useful!  At night I always put my kids in 1 size large of a diaper so that it holds more and they seem to sleep longer and more comfortably!  For instance, my 4 month old is in size 2 diapers so at night I put him in size 3!  Now, he is about to move into the size 3 for day time, and there will probably be a couple weeks where I still put him in size 3 diapers at night until he grows into the size 3s a little bit more….if I put a size 4 on him at night right now he would be swimming in it! 🙂

So what are your best mommy tips?


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