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Frugal Friday-Homemade Bread June 6, 2009

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Making bread is obviously not new to most of you frugal people!  However, I am pretty new at this whole being frugal thing…I have been doing a lot of research and trying hard to begin cutting our grocery bill, which is where I feel I have the most control in our budget and also fall off the wagon the most!

My strange craving as of late for homemade bread got me to doing some research on how to make bread!  I got rid of my breadmaker in a move, so I haven’t made bread in quite some time!  I found this great web site, and made my first loaf of bread today!!!! It is currently in the oven, and I am so excited to taste it. It smells great!  I was also motivated to try this by my resolve to not go to the grocery store until tomorrow, despite being quite low on food (including bread)! I’m not sure I have the kneading part down, but at least it smells good so far!

For more frugal tips (from yesterday) visit here.  (I know, I’m a day late!)


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