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A Cold in June June 29, 2009

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Yep, I have a miserable February-ish cold, and so do my boys.   Seriously, the weather, I think, is supposed to be more tolerable this week, and after a week of being couped up in the air conditioning, I was looking forward to getting out.  Unfortunately if this cold doesn’t improve quickly, I’m not going anywhere! My head feels like it is going to explode!

At any rate, despite my cold, I did squeeze in my grocery shopping for the week, and got a TON of stuff, but spent about 40% less than usual at the store (and i even bought a box of diapers!). So, very excited and encouraged!


Frugal Friday-Frugal Blogs June 26, 2009

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FrugalFridayI’m still learning from the pros at frugalness, although I’m sure I have more tips myself than I even realize, considering my hubby and I spent 2 1/2 of his 4 years of med school living off of student loans while I stayed at home with our kids and he finished up his degree.  At any rate, I”m obsessed with watching the coverage of Michael Jackson, and I have a killer sore throat, so I thought I would compile some of my newest finds in the blog world.  I subscribe or read these blogs regularly and have found some very helpful tips from them!!! Or at least helpful info on what to buy, where, when, and with what coupons! 🙂

Saving Cents with Sense

Money Saving Mom

It’s Hip to Save

My Frugal Adventures

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Life As Mom

I know there are many more, but these are the ones that I have recently discovered in my re-entrance into the blogging community after my several month hiatus! 🙂

For more tips, check out Life as Mom.  And if you have a favorite frugal blog, please post it so I can check it out!


Things I Love Thursday-The Grocery Game June 25, 2009

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tiltI know others have blogged about this, but I finally checked out The Grocery Game for myself.  I am testing it out for a couple of months to see if I really notice a difference in my grocery bill.  I believe I am on week 3, and to my surprise, I actually do notice a difference.  I will preface this by saying that I spend an ungodly amount of money on groceries about every 2 weeks, partlly due to some dietary restrictions which require some more expensive purchases, but mostly due to my ignorance to how to shop for deals and combine with coupons, etc.  I have now become a regular reader to several frugal blogs, and this past week noticed about a 40% decrease in my grocery bill!  I am soooooooo excited. And the great thing is that we definitely are not starving.  So, I now LOVE The Grocery Game!  I think they are very reasonably priced, and have definitely gotten my money out of it so far.  For more Things I Love Thursday, go here. By the way, she is also hosting a great giveaway!


Works For Me Wednesday-Color Coding Hangers

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Works for me WednesdayThis might be “nerdy” but one thing I have done to simplify my life is color coding my kids clothes closet. My 4 year old and 2 year old share a room, and thus a closet. They are also very nearly the same size, so there is not much obvious difference in whose clothes are whose. To make things easier for myself and my husband (who does not have the same memory as I do for our kids’ clothing), I hang one child’s clothes all on blue hangers (the kind you buy in the baby section at Walmart or any other similar store) and my other child’s clothes go on white hangers. It is a great visual way to tell whose is whose and it even helps my 4 year old now that he is FINALLY showing an interest in picking out his own clothes. 🙂 For more Works for Me Wednesday, click here.


Mommy Monday–Just let them be June 16, 2009

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For today’s Mommy Monday tip, I am going to share something that took 3 tries for me to really start to get down. With my oldest, like any new mom, I jumped and responded to and went running every time my son made a peep….and we are talking the tiniest of grunts, groans, giggles, and wiggles! I think it turned him into a miserable sleeper, and also into one of those kids that demands constant hands on attention! Not that this is necessarily bad, but it just creates a bit of a demanding parenting situation for this stay at home mommy who woudl prefer more independent play from her kids on a more regular basis. When my second came along, I got better about letting him be (mostly out of necessity, like when my 2 year old was throwing a tantrum, or needed his diaper changed, etc). Now with my third, he sits and plays in his bed for up to 30 minutes at a time, sometimes falling back asleep and getting another 15-90 minute nap in. I believe this is soooo healthy for kids to first of all be left alone if they are not screaming to see if they can fall back asleep (if they haven’t had a long enough nap), but second of all, to learn some independent play. It’s great to give them a chance to learn some self-soothing skills and even some ways to entertain themselves. The third time through has been soooo much easier than I ever expected. I think a lot of it has to do with my newfound ability to relax a little and not jump and respond to every single little noise! I even *gasp* turn off the monitor some of the time!!!!


Things I Love Thursday-Homemade Freezer Jam June 12, 2009

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It has become a bit of an obsession of mine poking around on other people’s blogs reading all of the domestic things they do like making vegetable gardens, making EVERYTHING from scratch, sewing up cute little aprons or other fun things in their “spare” time, canning the fruits of their labor from their home gardens, etc.  Basically these women (who I admire) make me feel like the biggest wimp of all time!  I have yet to see the bottom of our laundry hamper since before little  Harper came along, I don’t know the first thing about gardening (in fact the only thing growing in our lawn is weeds), and a sewing machine? Forget it. I own one, but definitely cannot sew in a straight line, let alone make cute burp rags, aprons, or even mend a piece of clothing.  Don’t get me wrong, I sincerely wish that I not only had the knowledge to do some of these things, but also the time management skills!

So, when a good friend who lives around the corner arrived on our doorstep a couple of weeks ago with her husband and FOUR young boys and cheerfully handed me a container of homemade strawberry freezer jam made from the strawberries they picked themselves from the strawberry patch they planted and grew themselves, I was flabergasted and frankly a bit jealous!  Not only could I eat strawberries and only strawberries every day until the day I die and be completely 100% happy and fulfilled, but I have ALWAYS wanted to grow a strawberry patch. And here she is growing strawberries around the corner quite successfully despite her FOUR boys (yes FOUR). I can’t even seem to get showered and dressed before 10 in the morning with my three boys, let alone grow strawberries, pick them, and make jam from them! Anyway, I asked her how she made the jam, thinking it would be such a long and complicated process that I would never be able to tackle such a challenge.  When she told me all you do is mash up 4 cups of strawberries, add a cup and a half of sugar and a packet of freezer jam pectin from Walmart, and freeze, I could not believe it!  Now, this stuff she dropped off was gone in 2 days!  A couple days later I convinced my husband that we needed to go out to the local strawberry farm and pick some strawberries as a family. It was sooo much fun and the boys just LOVED it.  I took those strawberries and followed my friends simple directions (which were also on the back of the freezer jam pectin packet, say that 10 times fast!).  My jam turned out just as good as her’s! In very little time! I was so amazed!!!! I have since bought 12 1 lb boxes of strawberries at Walmart on sale for .88 each and have made a couple more batches of jam with a few more to come yet tomorrow!  So, go on and give it a whirl! It’s delicious, a great way to preserve strawberries which are currently in season, and tastes great on everything. So far I have dolloped it onto ice cream, pancakes, toast, and bread. 🙂  It freezes for up to a year!

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Works for me Wednesday–Lingerie bag for baby socks June 10, 2009

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This is an oldie but goody! I use a lingerie bag (who are we kidding, I can’t even fit into my lingerie so definitely not needing the bag for my stuff anymore), anyway, i use these bags to put my kids, especially baby, socks into. This way they don’t get lost in the towels, sheets, sleeves, pant legs, etc. and i save a ton of time searching high and low for that matching sock.

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