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Frugal Friday-Cheap vacation in the off season! May 29, 2009

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We are back from our first family vacation.   yes, 3 boys, a wife, a husband, and a vacation!  It was actually surprisingly fun!!!  We went up to Wisconsin Dells during their “off-season” which was perfect for us.  Our kids are really too small for the big water parks they have there so we didn’t need those to be open.  It was nice and quiet, no crowds, no fear of losing one of our kids.  The little kiddie part of our resort hotel place was open and it was great-only about a foot and a half deep at its deepest end, a cute little water slide, and lots of fun splashing!  We stayed at the Polynesian, not the ritziest place at all, but fine for our purposes.  Our room had a bedroom and a “living room” so that was nice because once we put the kids to bed we just shut the door and had some time to watch some movies together.  We were nice and frugal too, packing a BUNCH of snacks, breakfast items, and lunch items so that we could eat in our hotel or picnic for 2 of the 3 meals each day…then we went out for a nice family dinner each night.  Just eating 2 meals a day in our room saved us a TON of money, and was actually really convenient for us.

But, here is the best and most frugal part.  By scheduling our vacation in the off season and giving up having access to the big water parks, which our kids wouldn’t have been big enough to use anyway, we got our room at a great rate of $59 per night (I believe probably about half of what we would have paid for our room during regular season)…this was a “suite” room with the bedroom (king size bed) separate from the kitchenette and living room, so it actually was plenty of space for our 2 pack and plays, 3 kids, and 2 adults, plus all our junk!!!

So next time you are planning your vacation, you might consider looking into scheduling it in the off season of your vacation destination, you just might save yourself a pretty penny!

For more, and probably even better, frugal tips, go to Life As Mom.


One Response to “Frugal Friday-Cheap vacation in the off season!”

  1. We do this and it is very nice not as crowded anless expensive!

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