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Frugal Friday-Cheap vacation in the off season! May 29, 2009

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We are back from our first family vacation.   yes, 3 boys, a wife, a husband, and a vacation!  It was actually surprisingly fun!!!  We went up to Wisconsin Dells during their “off-season” which was perfect for us.  Our kids are really too small for the big water parks they have there so we didn’t need those to be open.  It was nice and quiet, no crowds, no fear of losing one of our kids.  The little kiddie part of our resort hotel place was open and it was great-only about a foot and a half deep at its deepest end, a cute little water slide, and lots of fun splashing!  We stayed at the Polynesian, not the ritziest place at all, but fine for our purposes.  Our room had a bedroom and a “living room” so that was nice because once we put the kids to bed we just shut the door and had some time to watch some movies together.  We were nice and frugal too, packing a BUNCH of snacks, breakfast items, and lunch items so that we could eat in our hotel or picnic for 2 of the 3 meals each day…then we went out for a nice family dinner each night.  Just eating 2 meals a day in our room saved us a TON of money, and was actually really convenient for us.

But, here is the best and most frugal part.  By scheduling our vacation in the off season and giving up having access to the big water parks, which our kids wouldn’t have been big enough to use anyway, we got our room at a great rate of $59 per night (I believe probably about half of what we would have paid for our room during regular season)…this was a “suite” room with the bedroom (king size bed) separate from the kitchenette and living room, so it actually was plenty of space for our 2 pack and plays, 3 kids, and 2 adults, plus all our junk!!!

So next time you are planning your vacation, you might consider looking into scheduling it in the off season of your vacation destination, you just might save yourself a pretty penny!

For more, and probably even better, frugal tips, go to Life As Mom.


Welcome! May 5, 2009

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Here we go again!  I love reading people’s blogs, and find it fascinating, and also satisfying to the nosy side of my personality. 🙂  I had a blog awhile ago, but getting pregnant with Boy #3 and breaking my foot halfway through the pregnancy pretty much ended it.  Not to mention the fact that the title of that blog no longer was applicable once adding Boy #3.

So, I’ll take this post to introduce myself, my family, and the evolving purpose of my blog.  First off, we’ll have to work with made-up names to keep all the weirdos out there from knowing to much info about me or my kids.  I can’t really come up with a fitting name for me, other than Mrs. Stamper.  This pretty much highlights the main obsession in my life other than my kids, which is stamping….as in Stampin Up, making cards, making scrapbooks, and making any other paper crafts I can figure out how to make!  In fact, sometimes I want to throw parties just so I can make adorable invitations and party favors!

Mr. Stamper is actually a physician with 2 years and 2 months left of residency. 🙂  It has been a long and challenging road, which will hopefully be worth it once we dig out from all of our med school loans in 20 years!  Still, I truly admire him for his dedication to his profession and to helping people.

Lucas is our oldest boy.  He’s 4, as he proudly tells EVERYONE who crosses his path!  He is our difficult child…stubborn, challenging, compulsive, obsessive, and extremely high energy.

Avery is our second boy, who will be 2 in 3 weeks!  He is jolly, tenderhearted, and very calm and laid back!  Don’t get me wrong, he is definitely entering his terrible twos though!

Finally, Harper was born in January and is our third beautiful boy.  He has been a wonderful and easy baby so far. He is also very laid back, but quite a bit more serious than Avery.

And the million dollar question I get asked at least once a day, are we going to try for a girl?  Well, we are going to have a fourth child, yes.  Do I care if it is a girl, no.  Would I love a girl, of course!  Would I love a boy, of course!  Mostly, I pray so hard that when we have this fourth, that he/she will also be blessed with good health just like our first 3 boys!

I hope to use this blog for a variety of purposes.  One, to chronicle the life of a tired, overwhelmed, yet very happy mother to three boys (and counting!).  Second, I will use this opportunity to pass on any bits of advice and experiences that I hope others will find useful, including product reviews!  Is there a third, seems like it but I can’t think of it for now! I’m sure this blog will be constantly evolving though.